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Open-loop pipelined ADCs

Open-loop pipelined ADCs

Pipelined converters have become the predominant architecture for ADCs with resolutions of 8-14 bits and conversion rates of 10-200MS/s.

Produzione e sviluppo sostenibile

Produzione, sviluppo sostenibile e ISO 14040

Uno sviluppo in grado di assicurare il soddisfacimento dei bisogni della generazione presente senza compromettere la possibilità delle generazioni future di realizzare i propri.

Switched capacitor filters | Mechatronicsly

Switched capacitor filters

Switched capacitor filters have become popular mainly because they require no external components such as capacitors or inductors.

Encryption algorithms

Encryption algorithms: an overview

Security services such as confidentiality, entity andmessage authentication, integrity, and nonrepudiation can be provided to communication protocols using cryptography.


Robot Vision-based control | Mechatronicsly

Robot vision-based control

There are several distinct approaches to robot vision-based control. These vary based primarily on system configuration and how image data is used.

Computer Science

Network devices: switches

Network devices: switches

Switches connect various network devices together, like computers, to allow communication between those devices. Switches feature several network ports, sometimes dozens, to connect numerous devices together.

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Saldatura automatica dei componenti elettronici

Saldatura automatica dei componenti elettronici

La saldatura a onda è il più diffuso dei metodi di saldatura automatica dei componenti su PCB e consiste nel pompare attraverso un ugello la lega saldante fusa, in modo che formi un’onda.