Encryption algorithms

Encryption algorithms: an overview

Security services such as confidentiality, entity andmessage authentication, integrity, and nonrepudiation can be provided to communication protocols using cryptography.

Wire drawing and extrusion

Wire drawing and extrusion

Extrusion is a process that uses a die in order to get a material with a constant cross-sectional cut. Similar to extrusion process, here the tensile strength of the material is used to pull it through the die.

The laminating process

The laminating (rolling) process

Lamination means a process applied to alloys metal, plastics and other materials, consistent in subjecting the material to the constriction action by a machine called rolling mill

Capacity control in manufacturing

Capacity control in manufacturing

The capacity control generally decides about the work hours and about which workstation cross-trained operators are allocated to. In particular it thus determines when overtime, shortened work hours and special measures related to the capacity flexibility are implemented.

Robot Vision-based control | Mechatronicsly

Robot vision-based control

There are several distinct approaches to robot vision-based control. These vary based primarily on system configuration and how image data is used.