Cisco Industrial Network Director

Cisco Industrial Network Director

Full visibility and control of your industrial network

A tool built for managing industrial networks, the Cisco Industrial Network Director is designed to help operations teams gain full visibility of network and automation devices in the context of the automation process and provides improved system availability and performance, leading to increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

If you are looking for an easy-to-adopt network management system for industrial automation networks, Cisco Industrial Network Director could be the solution for you. This tool promises operations teams to manage automation by providing full visibility and control of the Industrial Ethernet infrastructure in the context of the automation process.

Industrial Network Director synthesizes network events and traps into alarms and presents them in the context of the automation process. Alarms display connected automation devices that are affected by the network event, allowing for easy impact analysis and straightforward troubleshooting for rapid problem resolution. The system is built on an API first approach where all functionality is exposed through a RESTful application interface. This allows for easy integration of network information into existing industrial asset management systems. System Integrators can leverage this application interface to build custom dashboards tailored to meet specific customer needs.

Specifications include:

  • Automation endpoint discovery using Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) and PROFINET industrial protocols;
  • High-performance topology framework that provides an interactive experience in visualizing connectivity between automation and networking assets;
  • Real-time monitoring of device metrics, traffic statistics, and network infrastructure status for improved network health, performance, and uptime;
  • Role-based access control with customizable permission mapping to restrict system access to authorized users on a per-feature basis
    Detailed audit trails for operational visibility of network changes, additions, and modifications;
  • Zoom-in capabilities from network to single device alarm.

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