eMergy Tech exclusive distributor of EOS Power’s ACDC converters

eMergy Tech exclusive distributor of EOS Power’s ACDC converters

EOS, esclusively distributed by Emergy Tech, was established in California in 1991 by some pioneers in the field of power electronics and the company is the largest manufacturer and exporter of branded power supplies in India. Now in its 25th year, the EOS brand of power supplies have sold over 40 million units to global customers.

The EOS manufacturing facility in Mumbai (India) is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 approved and has won many awards for quality and expertise in manufacturing process control. All aspects of design, supply chain, manufacturing, testing and delivery are tightly controlled using leann manufacturing methods. EOS is focused on designing low to medium power AC/DC power product footprints for the global medical, industrial and communication markets.

According to EOS, the company serves over 3,000 OEMs worldwide in the industrial, medical, audio/video, data storage, data-networking, telecommunications and computing markets. Typical solutions include 25W-450W power supplies flexibly provided in different versions: open frame, boxed with or without fan or as external adapter with exchangeable AC plug for use in Europe, United Kingdom, United States, China and Australia.

EOS Power’s added value is the ability to produce semi-custom solutions following customer specification and offering support from design to industrialization of ACDC. In more detail, the products that EOS Power offers are:

  • ACDC open frame for industrial application (series LFV and LFW) from 40 to 320 W;
  • ACDC open frame for medical application (LFMV and LFMW) from 40 to 320 W
  • U-Channel or boxed version ACDC with or without fan (LFW450 and LFMW450 series) up to 450 W;
  • Semi custom ACDC from 25W to 300W with efficiency up to 92%.

An example: MWLP350 Medical

Features (see cover image):

  • 5 x 3 x 1 Inches Form factor;
  • 350 Watts with Forced Air Cooling & 200 Watts Convection Cooling;
  • Efficiencies up to 94%;
  • -40 to 70 degree operating temperature;
  • 12V / 0.5A Fan Output, Thermal Shut-Down feature;
  • 2.56m Hours, Telcordia -SR332-issue, 3 MTBF;
  • Standby Power < 0.5W;
  • Approved to EN60601-1 3rd Edition
  • Medical (BF) Safety Approvals.

About eMergy Tech

EMergy Tech’s core business is the marketing of AC/DC and DC/DC converters, aimed at established and well known applications such as medical, broadcast-telecom, railway, automotive and general industrial but also addressing new emerging sectors such as photovoltaic, wind, lighting and domotics.

See WLP350 Datasheet

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