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DCDC Converters Glary

Glary’s DCDC converters

Glary is a pioneer in the development, design and production of DCDC converters from 1/2 brick to 1/32 brick low profile, high power density and efficiency.

A classic example is the metal encapsulated module with a height of only 8.60mm, with a current density of 53A/cubic inch and a power of 180W/cubic inch, with efficiency greater than 90%.

From Glary’s patented technology and topology, the proposed DCDC modules have the following benefits in terms of electrical and mechanical performance:

  • greater efficiency;
  • high switching frequencies;
  • low profile: 8-9mm;
  • higher operating temperature;
  • higher output currents;
  • higher power density;
  • MTBF double compared to commercially available modules.

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