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Sector: Electrical & Electronic Equipment
Business type: Wholesaler | Service provider
Supplier of: Electric transformers-converters-rectifiers | Electronic components & modules | Lighting industrial and commercial | Passive electronic components and printed circuits
Industry served: Electronics | Industrial manufacturing | Consumer goods

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Apice has focused on providing technical and commercial support for the development of electrical and electronic equipment, specializing in the sale, with advisory services, of noise-control components such as class X, Y capacitors, compensation coils, EMI filters and so on. The need to follow ever-growing markets led us to important results in other emerging sectors such as switching power systems, LED lighting, the introduction of industrial capacitance keyboards and outsourcing services.

Quick Facts

  • Location: via VIII Armata 72/B, 31040 Nervesa Della Battaglia (TV), Italy.
  • Industry: Electrical & Electronic Equipment
  • Year Founded: 1996
  • Supplier of: Passive electronic components and printed circuits; Electronic components; Electric transformers, converters and rectifiers; Lighting industrial and commercial;
  • Business type: Wholesaler; Service Provider;
  • Contact: Web site

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