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Sector: Mechanical Engineering ad Industry Equipment
Business type: Manufacturer | Service provider
Supplier of: Automation systems and equipment | Machine tools - metal machining | Machine tools - metal shaping
Industry served: Industrial Manufacturing | Manufacturing

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Constituted as Colombo Filippetti Torino srl in 1987, changes its denomination to CFT RIZZARDI srl in 2013 as a result of the change in the corporate structure.

Born for the purpose of deploying and studying new applications of camshaft systems, it develops a range of products, such as translators, roto-elevators and manipulators, for automotive product lines.
Subsequently CFT Rizzardi devotes itself to the design and development of tool changers and pallet changer systems for machine tools, sometimes in conjunction with the designers of the machine itself.

Quick Facts

  • Location: Via Massimo D’Antona, 65, 10040 Rivalta di Torino (TO), Italy;
  • Sector: Mechanical Engineering ad Industry Equipment;
  • Year Founded: 1987;
  • Supplier of: Automation systems and equipment; Machine tools – metal machining; Machine tools – metal shaping;
  • Business type: Manufacturer; Service Provider;
  • Contact: Web site

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