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Sector: Electrical & Electronic Equipment
Business type: Wholesaler
Supplier of: Electric transformers-converters-rectifiers | Electronic components & modules
Industry served: Automotive | Healthcare | Telecom

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EMergy Tech’s core business is the commercialization of AC/DC and DC/DC converters, aimed both at traditional applications such as medical, broadcasting-telecom, rail, automotive and industry, and at new emerging sectors of renewable and non-renewable energies, such as photovoltaics, wind, lighting and domotics.

Quick Facts

  • Location: via Sant’Adele 7 – 20094 Corsico – MI – Italy.
  • Sector: Electrical & Electronic Equipment
  • Year Founded: —
  • Supplier of: Electric transformers converters rectifiers; Electronic components
  • Business type: Wholesaler;
  • Contact: Web site

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