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Sector: Mechanical Engineering ad Industry Equipment
Business type: Manufacturer
Supplier of: Air conditioning - aeration and ventilation equipment | Air treatment - equipment and systems
Industry served: Agricultural | Manufacturing | Sports & Wellness | Food & Beverage

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Located just a few kilometers from Venice and with a history of more than 25 years, Fral is today an industry world-leading in the field of dehumidification and drying. Fral dehumidifiers and their industrial applications are the utmost expression of Italian talent and design, and a functional technology that is the result of experience and creativity. Thanks to the new plant in China and the wide range of products, Fral is able to fulfill all segments of the dehumidification market.

Quick Facts

  • Location: Via dell’Industria e dell’Artigianato, 22/C – 35010 Carmignano di Brenta – PADOVA, ITALY.
  • Sector: Mechanical Engineering ad Industry Equipment
  • Year Founded: 1992
  • Supplier of: Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment; Air treatment – equipment and systems;
  • Industry Served: Agricultural, Manufacturing, Sports & Wellness, Food & Beverage;
  • Business type: Manufacturer;
  • Contact: Web Site


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