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Sector: Mechanical Engineering ad Industry Equipment
Business type: Manufacturer
Supplier of: Automation systems and equipment | Machine tools - metal machining | Machine tools - metal shaping | Metals - Machines & Equipment
Industry served: Industrial manufacturing

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Ralc Italia was born in 1996 as a designer of special machines, some of which have become standard due to the growing demand, mainly in the refrigeration sector (planetary, orbital cutting, tapering and cutting). Subsequently, Ralc Italia expanded its expertise in different fields, particularly in work centers and, after acquiring the Conni Cutting lines in 2011, in cutting lines.

In recent years, the company has gained significant experience and expertise in the field of designing, manufacturing and assembling high-tech automated industrial machines, in particular it has been perfected in tube manufacturing by producing internal punching machines, cutting lines, drilling machines with chip removal, coil transfers, bends and other models yet.

Quick Facts

  • Location: Via A. Malignani, 19 – 33058 San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD) – Italia.
  • Sector: Mechanical Engineering ad Industry Equipment
  • Year Founded: 1996
  • Supplier of: Automation – systems and equipment; Machine tools – metal machining; Machine tools – metal shaping; Metals – Machines & Equipment
  • Industry Served: Industrial manufacturing;
  • Business type: Manufacturer;
  • Contact: Web Site

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