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Sector: Electrical & Electronic Equipment
Business type: Manufacturer
Supplier of: Electronic data processing - software | Embedded PC | HMI
Industry served: Automotive | Healthcare | Telecom | Industrial Manufacturing | Industrial Manufacturing

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SECO has been working in embedded electronics since 1979. Innovation, research, collaboration with the most important technology partners, attention to customer needs and ability to adapt to the ever-new challenges posed by the market: these are the qualities that enable SECO to provide its customers with state-of-the-art solutions.

SECO products include both SBC (Single Board Computer) and modular solutions that meet the major technological standards (Qseven, COM Express, eNUC, ETX, XTX) as well as Boxed Solutions and HMI devices.

SECO is also able to design customization and System Integration projects, thanks to the flexibility derived from having all-in-house production and assembly plants in Italy.

Quick Facts

  • Location: Via Calamandrei,91 – 52100 AREZZO- Italy.
  • Sector: Electrical & Electronic Equipment
  • Year Founded: 1979
  • Supplier of: Electronic data processing – software; Embedded PC; HMI
  • Business type: Manufacturer;
  • Contact: Web site


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